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Voice and Data Cat.5e and above - Plenum Rated Cabling as per NYC Fire Code Regulations

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New York City Five Boroughs and surrounding areas





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T1 Service Provider Voice Call Rates  

Local Calls .0075 cents per minute

Long Distance Calls .027 cents per minute (six second increments)

T1 Service Provider DID (Direct Inward Dial) Numbers .25per

International T1 Service Calls See International Service Tab above

T1 Service Provider backed by a Level Service Agreement with the FCC and State Regulatory Commitees to assure 100% operational capabilities.                          

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T1 Service Provider for Paetec / Windstream Wholesale Division

Avaya Equipment, Installation, Sales and Services New York

 In 2012 Paetec merged with Windstream Communications. Maintained in this merger were the principles which Paetec was founded upon in 1988. To provide superior customer service to a telecom carrier industry that severely lacked it. Quality Customer Service is the principle discipline of Associated Communications Group. That, and providing our clients the best possible equipment as services available. The choice for our T1 Service Provider solutions was clear from the begining. It is important to realize that not all T1 Service Providers are alike. We are backed by the finest quality independent network, a 24X7 Award Wining Network Operations Center and a Level Service Agreement with FCC and State Regulatory operational assurances. We welcome an opportunity to become your T1 Service Provider.

Its origins date back to AT&T Bell Laboratories.  Avaya is the most trusted name in telecommunications equipment.  Our technicians are certified, polite professionals.  Associated Communications Group sells, installs, maintains, repairs and runs inside cabling for new equipment as well as legacy models (AT&T and Lucent).  In conjunction with our T1 provider service we can often offer a saving to your telephone bill with a return on investment you can apply to a new Avaya business system.  We specialize in businesses of all sizes from 2 users to 360 work stations. Avaya System modular and software expandability and quality build assures it to be the last telecom system you will ever need to purchase. Maintenace Contracts are available for existing Systems.



T1 Voice Service

Voice T1 Service is an outstanding value if you currently have multiple phone lines, make many long distance calls, and / or find it advantageous to implement Direct Inward Dialing (DID).  This allows calls to bypass reception as each user also has a direct number to his or her desk.  A Voice T1 Service is comprised of 24 Channels.  This is eqivalent to having 24 CO lines but at a far lesser monthly expense.  Most companies opt for a PRI-T1, thus using 23 Voice Channels while maintaining the 24th Channel for Caller ID.  more on T1 Voice Service


T1 Integrated Voice and Data Service

Very Popular Service - T1 Channels are combined to share both Voice and Data.  This is often the ideal solution for small companies.  Example: 24 T1 Channels Divided 12 Channels Voice Calling (and DID Lines), 11 Channels Internet Access (704kbps Guaranteed) and the last remaining Channel for Caller ID. Article: Integrated T1 For Small Business

T1, Bonded T1, T3 or Optic Channel for Point to Point Shared Connectivity

Do you have more than one office and would like to share Server Information, Dial Tone and Voice Mail? A Point to Point T1 Service is a dedicated private circuit between two locations that extends your network (WAN), and/ or your Voice or Converged Applications.  There is no Broadband loss and because the connection is direct there is little security concern.  Distance between locations is not a factor for implementation.  Distance does however effect cost.  If  your locations are in the same city, state or neighboring states a Point to Point T1 is cost effective service. Cross country connections are recommended if you are sharing highly sensitive information.  

T1 Dedicated Internet Service

Increase productivity with a Paetec T1. It is not only faster than conventional DSL it is far more reliable.  A Paetec Data T1 is 1.544megabits per second guaranteed upload and download speeds and is backed by a Level Service Agreement.  You do not receive this guarantee with DSL which is shared, modemed across standard phone lines and are not subject to FCC Regulations. Also with your Paetec Data T1 Service as with your Paetec Voice T1 Service, it is looped directly into your premises from the Central Office where it is consistently monitored. You own it.  more on T1 Dedicated Internet Service



T1, Bonded T1, T3 and Optic Channel VoIP Broadband Service

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) requires a consistent level of broadband.  These calls are transmitted as Data Packets.  Too little bandwith and your calls will not be clear and may frequently disconnect. A Dedicated Bandwidth service is essential.  Often in these requested scenerios depending on the amount of users we will recommend it best that the customer utilize standard Voice T1 Service with digital channels which at .027 per minute or .0027 per six seconds is extremely cost effective, reliable and guaranteed quality.  See also T1 Service International Calling Rates at the above Tab .

T1, Bonded T1, T3 and Optic Channles for Video Conferencing Broadband

Business travelers do not crowd the airports every day in the volume they once did when you can leave for the airport within an hour of your flight and check in at the gate. The time it use to take you to travel to another city is now equal to your pre-departure travel. Video Conferencing has become the productive service choice solution for companies, but this requires a solid broadband solution from a reliable T1 Service Provider, Bonded T1 Service Provider, or possibly a T3 or Optic Channel.              

T1 Services were invented by Bell Labs

Avaya IP Office

Avaya IP Office is an intelligent modular design communication system. Although it was built to meet the every day requirements of the small to medium size business, Avaya IP Office will provide you with all of the features once reserved to the fortune 500 enterprise companies as well a dependable VoIP platform. IP Office can scale from 2 users the growth capacity needed to  facilitate your growing business.




The Avaya IP Office System is a wise long term investment that allows for you to take advantage of todays technology now, add users, new offices, remote and VoIP consoles or softphones and stream line your business at your own pace with added software applications.

The Avaya IP Office is the last Phone System you will ever need.  This sturdy software upgradable system is built to last a lifetime. It supports digital, VoIP, Analog and SIP trunks. Associated Communications Group technicians will custom program your Avaya IP Office to meet your specific business operating criteria. 


Avaya Parter ACS

The Avaya Partner ACS (Advanced Communication System)

The Avaya Partner System was originally developed at AT&T Bell Laboratories when Avaya was AT&T.  At that time it was labeled under the Lucent brand. Today it remains the most popular key system on the planet. The Partner System has had many enhancements over the years, and the consoles work with the newer model Avaya IP Office Systems. If you have a Partner System and want to upgrade to an IP Office you can do it without purchasing new handsets.  The base Partner unit itself starts off with a 3 Line, 9 phone extension capacity.  It can grow up to 31 CO Lines, and handle up to 48 Handsets.  A small Voice Mail card of limited capacity can provide from 4 to 16 Voice Mail Boxes and a Partner Messaging Voice Mail Processor can provide up to 100 Voice Mail Boxes along with Integrated Voice Mail allowing you to view, play, transfer and delete Voice Mail messages directly from your Outlook Email.  T1 Service can be implemented onto a Classic Partner System via a router that distributes the digital channels to the system in analog recognition.  Avaya did at one time manufacture a T1 Service Modular for Partner Classic Systems, but it will not work well and is not recommended.



Avaya Magix 

The Avaya Magix phones continue to be manufactured and the digital consoles are compatible with the Avaya IP Office. The Avaya Magix control units are no longer manufactured, but are available in manufacturer refurbished with warrantee.  It is the opinion of many industry insiders that the Avaya Magix Sytem was and remains the best telecom product ever produced. Many Avaya Magix Systems even those from among its earliest releases are still operating problem free to this day with clients still adding capacity and users to their systems.  The Avaya Magix System has a capacity to handle up to three T1 cuircuits and has an extension capacity of up to 200 work stations. Avaya Magix Voice Mail Processors contain all of the modern features including integration to your Outlook email. One of the reasons the Avaya Magix System remains popular to this day is besides its extreme durability and ability to handle three T1 Service Circuits is that the quality refurbish parts are extremely cost efficient to this switch that when first introduced was very expensive to purchase. A refurbished Avaya Magix System purchased today could still last a lifetime.


Avaya - Rich in History

The history that evenually gave birth to Avaya Communications dates back to the earliest days of telecom history. In 1876 Alexander Graham Bell invented the first usable telephone.  This was followed by the first local exchange carrier American Bell Telephone, which adapted its name after Alexander Graham Bell. In 1877 the American Bell Telephone Company established a sister company to provide long distance calling services named American Telephone & Telegraph. In 1899 the sister company acquired the parent company, became populary known by its initial abbreviation AT&T and broke the company into seperate divisions formally known as the Bell Companies. The research and development arm of the Bell Companies was Bell Labs, and the telephone products of this research were manufactured under the name Western Electric.  The Bell Companies were a government regulated industry until 1984. After deregulation , new technologies began to emerge into business communication systems (Speed Dial, Call Waiting, Voice Mail etc.).  The manufacturing division was spun off to become AT&T Technologies, but business had already learned to identify the AT&T accumen as an exhange carrier and did not comprehend these as products of Bell Labs.  In 1996 the division was spun off and named Lucent technologies and spun off from Lucent in October of 2000 was Avaya, which continued to support the products of Bell Labs.

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