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They just wanted to talk to a friendly voice. Some people had terrible problems and cried a lot. I had a list of crisis hotline numbers to give to those who confessed to thoughts of suicide and other equally alarming problems. I kept these calls short, told the troubled souls on the other end of […]

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Finally, no such lines can be found in any of the published works of Nostradamus. ^ Roig, M. , Bridges, K. R. , Renner, C. H. You become immune to fear spells and effects and to the confused condition. As a standard action , you can choose a willing creature that is either within 30 […]

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In 1554 he began writing the first of his books of prophecy. His fame spread throughout Europe and he became a favorite of Queen Catherine de Medici. Nostradamus died at the age of 66 sic 63, probably of renal complications of gout, and his name is still familiar today. However, few know that he was […]

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