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Even otherworldly beings are just that: other children of God, with their own viewpoints. To create Runes, one must have the complete 24 symbols of the Runic Alphabet. The symbols are then carved into the wood or smooth stones. Then they are anointed with oil to bless them with energies coming from the person. Special paints or natural dyes can be used to make the markings visible. In the olden times, blood was used to mark the symbols to employ more power on the Runes. After a century of world wars, the end of European empires, plus a tide of social change in the northern hemisphere regarding the equality of women and the status of ethnic minorities, inherited religious and social identities or value-systems came to be seriously questioned. As a result, many people no longer see traditional religion as an adequate channel for their spiritual quest and look for new sources of self-orientation. Thus ‘spirituality’ has become an alternative way of exploring the deepest self and the ultimate purpose of life. Increasingly, the spiritual quest has moved away from outer-directed authority to inner-directed experience which is seen as more reliable. This subjective turn in Western culture has created a diverse approach to spiritual experience and practice. For example, spirituality often draws from different religious p. Our Psychics as you will find use different tools, most popular would be different Cards; Tarot, Oracle, Playing cards, Angel Cards, etc, but also Pendulums, Runes, Crystals, even Crystal balls. There are many more tools you will find at use with our psychics, you just have to decide what you wish to try as your guiding system. Second, despite these varied approaches, there are certain ‘family resemblances’ which make it possible to offer a tentative definition of spirituality. Thus we saw that spirituality concerns a fully integrated approach to life (holism), involves a quest for the p. 23↵‘sacred’, underpins a desire for meaning, and implies some understanding of human identity, purpose, and thriving. Finally, spirituality points to a desire for ultimate values and involves the intentional pursuit of a principled rather than purely pragmatic way of life. His in-laws sued for the return of his wife’s dowry (the goods she brought to her husband when they were married). His patron (sponsor) also broke ties with him. Today, the Winchester Mystery House is a National Historic Landmark in California where it is purported to be haunted. Sounds like a great topic for a psychic reading – and so it shall be. I will share with you all of the hidden meanings in your Oracle Cards and the powerful significance of colours and symbols. While I was interviewing Kenzer, I asked her to use her psychic powers to determine what was up with Psychic Readings by Lauren.

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Readings can be conducted face-to-face or via Skype. Appointment times are generally available to be booked 8 weeks to 6 months in advance of today’s date. False: A psychic reading is set in stone. For many people, an angel card reading is a gentler, more positive alternative to a tarot reading, as the angel cards […]

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Community & Teacher Relationship. The relationship with the teacher, and spending time in a community of practitioners, is a valuable way to not only learn the tradition, but absorb the gist of it. A community offers: support in overcoming difficulties on the way; motivation; insight on the finer aspects of practice; answers; and like-minded people […]

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As a person who again, is drawn to the unexplainable, I can understand the desire to believe in something you can’t prove, of having an open mind to the mysteries of the universe. When I first started using tarot cards — despite not believing in their mystical fortune telling powers — a begrudging part of […]

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